Egyptian Department

In addition to the German program, which is based on the curricula of the state of Thuringia, the Egyptian national subjects Arabic, Civics and Religion (Islamic and Coptic religion) are taught in Arabic according to the Egyptian curricula. Professionally, the teaching of Arabic subjects is under the supervision of the Egyptian Ministry of Education. Participation in the Egyptian program is mandatory for all Egyptian students at the DSH, while the German program remains mandatory for all.

National diplomas

In the 9th grade, students take the Adadeya exam and have thus completed their compulsory schooling according to Egyptian law.

To study in Egypt, Egyptian students can take the so-called Thanaweya compensatory exam in grade 12 in addition to the international school-leaving certificate “GIB”. This exam, in combination with the international diploma, allows Egyptian students to attend an Egyptian university.

The exam is held externally at the end of grade 12. The DSH registers interested students for the exam. A prerequisite for participation in the Thanaweya Compensation Examination is a continuous academic record in the national subjects. As an international school, DSH does not offer Thanaweya Amma.

Arabic language from the beginning

Already in preschool, the first basic knowledge of the Arabic language is taught in a playful way at DSH. The Arabic alphabet as well as first written and oral word exercises are provided here.

From elementary school onwards, Egyptian pupils systematically learn spoken and written High Arabic. Arabic is taught in the required number of hours in both elementary and secondary school.


Also beginning in first grade, Egyptian students are taught the required number of hours of religion as a compulsory subject. Both Islamic and Coptic religious education are taught in Arabic. Students attend religious education classes continuously through grade 12.


The Civics department includes the subjects of history, geography and social studies. The focus of the curriculum in these subjects is on the country of Egypt and the Arab world. In the upper grades, the content goes beyond these areas.

The subject Civics is introduced starting in the 4th grade with the required number of hours in each grade. It is mandatory for the Egyptian program through 12th grade. The Egyptian transfer regulations apply to the subjects of the Egyptian program.

Arabic as a foreign language

Arabic is offered as a foreign language for students in the German section in both primary and secondary school. The subject is not relevant for pupils’ promotion.

Egyptian School Law

For the subjects of the Arabic program Arabic, Religion and Civics the regulations of the Egyptian Ministry of Education apply:

1. a student can only be transferred if he/she has at least sufficient performance in all subjects of the Arabic program.

2. insufficient performance in the subjects of the Arabic program cannot be compensated.

3. a student may be transferred by re-examination only if he/she passes the re-examinations in all the deficient subjects of the Arabic program.

4. a student may not be transferred by re-examination if he/she is repeating the class or has already been transferred to this class by re-examination.

5. if a student does not pass the re-examination in the Arabic subjects, he/she must repeat the school year.