Welcome to the preschool of DS Hurghada

For Children from 4 Years Onwards

The German School is aware that the basis of a good start is a solid pre school education and is therefore investing a lot of effort in this area. Under German supervision, the children are individually challenged, encouraged and stimulated.

Our education system

To stimulate the development of the children right from the beginning we are working with comprehensive age groups. Relating to their age, each child is learning in a playful way.

We make use of a bilingual concept called “immersion learning”, which means that one pre school teacher only speaks German, while the other speaks only Arabic.

We believe a completely fixed curriculum is part of a primary school, but of course we do have fixed plans with all relevant contents which are necessary for education at pre school. In these weekly and monthly plans the main issues for the development of the children are:

  • Body, exercises and health
  • Spoken and written language
  • Philosophy
  • Basis of sciences
  • Arts and creativity
  • Music

The pre-school starts at 8.30 a.m. and ends at 3.30 p.m. from Sunday to Thursday. The holiday plan is the same as for primary school.

Compulsory attendance is generally required as this regular contact is the basis for pre school children feeling as though they are a part of the group. The attendance of just some hours per day is disruptive to the children’s schedule. If you wish to make a special arrangement regarding your child’s attendance, please let us know in the application.

After the lunch break the children have the possibility to sleep, relax or just listen to a story or to music.

A Bilingual Education

Children who are not speaking German will be introduced to this language to guarantee the needed level for the primary school. Children with German as mother tongue will intensify their knowledge and will have the possiblity to learn Arabic. Children who will visit the Arabic school part will be given a good basis for a successful learning in the primary school. They will be encouraged to use the language.

For this bilingual education we use the “Immersions” teaching, which means that the children are learning by speaking and listening. One teacher is just speaking German, the other one just Arabic. So the children are learning easily and without pressure.