Welcome to the Secondary School of DS Hurghada

From grade 5, the students of DS Hurghada are part of the secondary school. The science subjects physics, chemistry and biology are now included in the timetable. In small groups, we can continue to support the students individually. Students from all types of schools learn together in order to learn with and from each other.

Secondary school leaving certificate in grade 10

In grade 10, students take the intermediate school-leaving exam. With this exam, they can transfer to any higher German secondary school. Either abroad or in Germany.

Preparation for GIB from grade 11

Starting in grade 11, we prepare students for the IB diploma. This internationally recognized school diploma entitles students to study in over 100 countries. DS Hurghada is one of the few schools that offers the IB in German, as the mixed language Internationale Baccalaureate (GIB). The IB diploma (or GIB diploma) is considered a “general university entrance qualification” and is equivalent to the Abitur in Germany.

In addition, students take the Edadeya exams (grade 9) and the Thanawaya exams (grade 12), which are Egypt’s own national qualifications. These are important for studying in Egypt.