Welcome to the Primary School of DS Hurghada

As an excellent accredited German School Abroad, we look forward to welcoming your child to our school.

DSH hosts students from all three German-speaking countries as well as children from many other regions and, of course, Egypt. We are proud of the diversity of our students, as multinationality brings with it multiculturalism, linguistic diversity and broadening of horizons.

By developing curiosity, acceptance and social skills, we encourage our students to engage in mutual exchange and give them the opportunity to feel at home in a more and more intercultural world.

At the same time, European-German values are deeply rooted in our school culture. The Thuringian curriculum, enhanced by methodological skills and the use of new media, underlies all learning at DSH. The language of instruction is German; Arabic is taught as a native or foreign language. English is added as an additional language from grade 3. In order to do justice to children with non-German mother tongues, there are additional DaF (German as a foreign language) lessons at the DSH elementary school, which are firmly anchored in the timetable.

All-day concept with small classes

In accordance with the all-day school concept, classes for grades 1-4 are held from 8:30 am to 3:45 pm. Afterwards, there is the opportunity to attend private music, sports or dance lessons on the school’s premises. Through this structure, the children experience school not only as a learning space, but also as a living space.

We consider the small number of students at the DSH elementary school to be a rarity and a special privilege – between 8 and 18 students are taught in grades 1-4 with a lot of fun and energy. These ideal conditions and the work with weekly schedules allow not only independent work, but also a decidedly individual care of our primary school children.

Primary School at a glance

The pedagogical concept of DSH: diverse, challenging, up-to-date
small classes – individual support

Critical thinking – cooperation – creativity – communication

  • Learning to learn, academically and socially – through targeted method training using the building block principle
  • Independent work – through our weekly plan and the use of different social forms
  • Targeted language support – through additional “DaF” lessons and a well thought-out language concept
  • Co-determination – through individual learning opportunities
  • Development of media competence – through the use of new media and the critical examination of these
  • Rediscovering learning – by using digital learning platforms such as Antolin, Anton, Master Cody, Kahoot, etc.
  • Personal development – by strengthening communication skills, projects and presentations


  • Buddy system – to make it easier for new students to get started, to realize inter-grade projects
  • Excursions and class trips to strengthen the feeling of unity
  • School as a place to live and play
  • Lunch together in the cafeteria
  • Support for social projects such as “Christmas in a Box”