Flying squadron “Red Arrows” visited the DSH

Ministry of Education attended the visit of Red Arrows

The aerobatic squadron of the British Royal Air Force, Red Arrows, as well as the aerobatic squadron Silver Stars of the Egyptian Air Force paid a visit to the DSH in early December. The pilots explained everything about aircraft to the students.

They showed presentations about their technical work on the high-performance aircraft, their equipment and explained their training as pilots. The pilots of the British Red Arrows use their travels mainly to visit schools in different countries and become advocates for the so-called STEM subjects. STEM stands for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. The pilots explained at DSH that a good understanding and knowledge of STEM subjects is an important prerequisite for working in technical professions like that of a pilot. Afterwards, the aerobatic pilots answered all the students’ questions.

As part of the visit of the Egyptian and British Aerobatic Squadrons, DSH had the honor to receive representatives of the Egyptian Ministry of Education. Mr. Hisham Mounir, Director of the Red Sea Ministry of Education, Mr. Mustafa Abdo, Deputy Director and Mr. Mohamed Ibrahim, Director of the Hurghada Education Administration, as well as the Director of the Teacher Support and Communication Department, the Director of the Public Relations Department and the Director of Special Education were guests at DSH. The delegation toured the school as well as the kindergarten. All parties involved, guests as well as DSH school management, expressed their pleasure and gratitude towards the school staff and for the honorable reception or visit.