Student awards

Corona painting competition

What does the Corona crisis mean for our future coexistence? How has the world changed? How should we deal with this pandemic and adhere to the new rules? No more meeting friends, no longer being able to go to school and having to do without a lot of things. How are students experiencing this pandemic? In art class, students from grades 5 to 8 created great works of art about the pandemic. An individual competition and a class competition were held. The winners all received a small recognition. We are proud of the students’ creative works!


Our student representatives Kenzi El Shaer und Sara Gobran have developed a great project. As part of their CAS lessons, which is one of the subjects of the IB diploma programme, they planned and organised the distribution of a new collection of DSH hoodies within the school community. We owe our beautiful and comfortable new school jackets and pullovers to this successful project. For their efforts, the students received recognition in the form of a certificate and a small gift. Congratulations to our two student representatives!

“Mathe im Advent“

Once a year, during Christmas time, the students of the DSH can take part in a great competition called “Mathe im Advent”. Mr Streb, who is in charge of the supervision, supports the students while working on the math quiz. The system is similar to a typical advent calendar. Every day the students get to “open a new (virtual) door”, except in this competition the students aren’t rewarded with sweets but with a math problem that they have to solve. In 2020, numerous students enjoyed and participated in this competition. The most successful among them were honored with a certificate and a small prize.