Art Week at DSH

Art against environmental pollution

Shapes are cut out of cardboard, paste is mixed, big brushes and colourful paint are used. All the classrooms are busy with handicrafts: It is art week at the DSH.
During the art week, all classes focused on the topic of environmental protection. Specifically, it was about plastic waste in the Red Sea. The aim of the art projects: To create more awareness and attentiveness for the topic.

There were no limits to creativity. Whether pictures or sculptures – the children created fascinating and colourful art objects out of garbage, all of which pointed to the problem of plastic waste in the sea.

Translating art into messages
They were supported by their class teachers and by Swantje Mahn- Maugsch, art therapist from Germany. The therapist also uses art as a medium of communication in her work. She advised the children on how to translate their messages into art and helped with the design.

“I am thrilled to see how creative and driven the students are in implementing their topics and how committed the teachers are to the cause,” said Swantje Mahn-Maugsch. “The topic of plastic waste is more important than ever and it’s a great experience to be here at DSH and to be able to accompany the project.”
After a week of artistic creation, the children presented their results to the school community. We have compiled the results for you on the following pages.