Parents letter: Current information about the start of school

School start, voluntary online courses, and autumn holidays

Message from the headmistress to the parents

I would like to inform you about the planned measures in the next few weeks.

As decided by the Ministry, we will start regular classes in the pre-school and school on 18.09.2022.

Nevertheless, we would like to offer you voluntary online courses via the HPI school platform and via Zoom from September 4 .

These offers are not to be understood as “regular lessons”. The aim is to give the students the best possible start from our side and to strengthen their German and math skills. We are sure that this is also in your interest.

The kindergarten will start, as announced, on 28 August 2022.

Voluntary online courses

During the week of 04.09.2022 to 08.09.2022 there will be:

  • Voluntary support services for primary school from grade 2 to grade 5.
    • Support material in German and Math for primary school pupils and grade 5 can be collected from the Cultural Centre, in front of the main entrance of the school (in boxes), from 04.09. onwards. This support material can be worked on voluntarily by the pupils.
    • In addition, they can ask questions about the voluntary tasks and have conversations with the corresponding class teachers daily via Zoom from 14-15 hrs.
    • The Zoom links are sent to parents by the class teachers.
  • Secondary School Grades 6 to 10
    • Teachers of grades 6 to 10 post remedial and revision tasks in the HPI school platform, students can voluntarily work on these tasks in HPI and teachers give feedback to students on the tasks via HPI school platform.
  • GIB : Grade 12 – Offers by Zoom for Grade 12 under the motto: “Fit for GIB”. More information will be provided by GIB coordinator Mr. Streb.

Week from 11.09.2022 to 14.09.2022

There are also optional activities offered by the school that can be done voluntarily during this week. The preschool will offer games and German exercises via Zoom. We will explain more details in a letter to parents next week.

Information about the school platform HPI-Cloud and ZOOM:

To be able to carry out these offers, it is important that your children have activated the HPI- Cloud access, know their password and that we have a valid mail address. You will receive the codes for accessing Zoom from the secretary’s office in good time. It would be nice, if many students would participate, but I would like to emphasize that this is not compulsory. If you have any questions about this, please get in touch.

Holidays in October:

Due to the rescheduled start of school, the gap to the scheduled holidays (09.10.-13.10.22) would be too short to work continuously. Therefore, the October holidays will be moved to 23.10.2022 – 27.10.2022. Your children will definitely benefit from this solution. We ask for your understanding. Please contact us if there are any problems in order to find individual solutions.

We look forward to a good and trusting cooperation in the new school year.

With kind regards

Siglinde Hailer / Headmistress