School Enrollment 2022/2023

First day of school for the first graders

For 24 first graders, September 21 was their big day: school enrollment. Equipped with schoolbags, the little ones marched through the gates of the German School Hurghada for the first time as schoolchildren.

DSH Headmistress Siglinde Hailer and Elementary School Principal Gabriele Pointner welcomed the children and their parents to their first day of school at DSH. Siglinde Hailer thanked the parents for their trust in DSH. Gabriele Pointner compared the children’s first day of school to the story of the “Little Caterpillar”: “From now on, every day you will learn something new and develop until you are a beautiful butterfly and reach your full potential.”

The older students of DSH welcomed the new first graders. The children of Class 2 had prepared various songs. The students of Class 6, who are also the buddies of the first graders, presented the children with their school bags (Schultüten). Afterwards, the first graders went to the classrooms of the new classes 1a and 1b together for the first time.