europäischer Wettbewerb 2022

DSH film wins prize at 69th European Competition

Students win European prize

DSH students successfully participated in the 69th European Competition on the theme “Next Stop: Sustainability”.

Last October, a group of former class 7 consisting of Alia El Shaer, Jasmin Fayad, Amina Harraz and Mohamed Refaat with class teacher Christiane Sommer-Becker had submitted their film project to the competition, which had been created during our art week. The film, with which the DSH students qualified for the prize, revolved around the topic of environmentally conscious behavior during breaks.

The prize for the students – a cash prize of 40 euros as well as certificates and individual prizes – was presented to the project group by principal Siglinde Hailer together with Maja-Jennifer Köhl (DSH school association) during the first week of school. In addition, Jasmin Fayad received an individual prize for an art object depicting the theme of “sustainability” made of recycled material.

Independent, creative examination of current issues

The 69th European Competition asked about our ecological footprint, environmental protection projects and approaches for a more sustainable future. The topical theme was well received by both students and teachers. 58,247 students took part in the competition. Children and young people of all ages and from all types of schools were invited to present their thoughts creatively – schools abroad were also able to participate.

The aim of the European competition is to encourage children and young people to engage independently and creatively with current European issues. Every year, between 40,000 and 85,000 students take part in Germany’s oldest school competition. The competition is under the patronage of the German President and is supported by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, the Federal Foreign Office, the KMK and the education authorities of the German states.