DSH wins games equipment

Games worth around 1,000 euros

Thanks to the commitment of German teacher Christiane Sommer-Becker, the DSH has won a box full of games worth around 1,000 euros. These include numerous board games for all ages as well as a Playmobil set and a Märklin train set. This makes DSH one of 202 winning schools in the “Spielen macht Schule” initiative.

In order to promote playing, the German “Spielen macht Schule” initiative raffles off games equipment every year. To win, schools have to develop a concept for integrating games into everyday school life. Thanks to the ideas of teacher Christiane Sommer-Becker, the students at DSH can now play to their hearts’ content. Her concept for a play corner at the DSH convinced the initiative’s jury.

Playing games makes you smart and promotes social skills
As Christiane Sommer-Becker writes in her concept: Playing not only makes you smart, people who play also learn more easily. Playing together helps students learn German and promotes team spirit. Classic gaming activates the body, mind and emotions. It requires movement, creativity and curiosity. All of this is important for the development of children and young people and also creates good conditions for learning at school. In order to establish playing in the DSH, a games corner is to be set up in the Einstein room. Here, students will be able to borrow games and play together in the future.

The “Spielen macht Schule” initiative was founded by the “Transfer Center for Neuroscience and Learning” and the “Mehr Zeit für Kinder” association. Schools from Germany and abroad can apply each year for a large games equipment.