School Enrollment 2023/2024

First day of school for the new first graders

Welcome to 20 new first graders starting their school career at DS Hurghada. August 30, 2023 was their big day: school enrollment. In the lovingly decorated music hall of DSH, the new students and their parents were welcomed by the school administration and some children from higher grades.

The children from class 3 opened the enrollment ceremony with a song. Afterwards, Principal Siglinde Hailer introduced the teachers of the first grade. Gabriele Pointner, head of the elementary school, also welcomed the first graders and the parents and gave some insights into the schedule of the upcoming school days. The students of grade 5 then presented the first graders with their school cones (Schultüten). Afterwards, it was off to the classroom for the first short lesson with class teacher Mrs. Witt.

We are looking forward to a wonderful school year!