DSH hosts supra-regional debating competition

Talents from 10 schools compete against each other At the end of November, the DSH organised the supra-regional debating competition for German schools abroad in the Africa region. Around 50 students from ten schools abroad took part. The debates were held in German and Arabic. The students were drawn by lot for their debates and put into teams of four. Two students argued "pro", two "contra". The topics included the question of whether one school day a week should only be spent online or whether students should be allowed to bring their mobile phones to school. After each round, the

Successful review visit

Positive Feedback for DSH From November 14 to 16, Dr. Marcus Schawe, Regional Representative of the Central Agency for Schools Abroad, was a guest at the German School in Hurghada. In his role, he supports German schools abroad in the African region and advises them on issues relating to school development and education. Visits to schools abroad are part of the regular quality inspections that German schools abroad undergo. For example, various visits and reviews on school quality and school development take place every three years. During this year's review visit, Dr. Schawe held discussions with the school management, teachers,

Successful student exchange

Cultural exchange with learning effect At the end of September, 17 students of the Johannes-Althusius-High-School from Emden, Germany, came to the DSH. This was the second time that the student exchange between our partner school in Germany and our school took place. Like last year, the guest students were accommodated for eleven days with families of our students of grades 9 and 10 and participated in the lessons of the DSH. The theme of the exchange was "sustainability and environmental protection", as both Hurghada and Emden are located on seas whose unique habitats are particularly worthy of protection. The students

School Enrollment 2023/2024

First day of school for the new first graders Welcome to 20 new first graders starting their school career at DS Hurghada. August 30, 2023 was their big day: school enrollment. In the lovingly decorated music hall of DSH, the new students and their parents were welcomed by the school administration and some children from higher grades. The children from class 3 opened the enrollment ceremony with a song. Afterwards, Principal Siglinde Hailer introduced the teachers of the first grade. Gabriele Pointner, head of the elementary school, also welcomed the first graders and the parents and gave some insights into