Successful review visit

Positive Feedback for DSH

From November 14 to 16, Dr. Marcus Schawe, Regional Representative of the Central Agency for Schools Abroad, was a guest at the German School in Hurghada. In his role, he supports German schools abroad in the African region and advises them on issues relating to school development and education. Visits to schools abroad are part of the regular quality inspections that German schools abroad undergo. For example, various visits and reviews on school quality and school development take place every three years.

During this year’s review visit, Dr. Schawe held discussions with the school management, teachers, the school board, parents and pupils and also visited numerous lessons to gain a comprehensive insight into the school’s processes, educational projects and organisational challenges.

Dr. Schawe praised the high language level of the pupils and the overall standard of teaching. He particularly emphasised the friendly, trusting interaction between teachers and pupils, the good cooperation between parents, teachers and school management and the family atmosphere at the DSH. However, the review visit was not only an opportunity for the external evaluation, but also for a constructive exchange in which Dr. Schawe, together with the school management, identified impulses and recommendations for school development at DSH.

After his visit, Dr. Schawe thanked DSH for the good organisation and the hospitality with which he was received.

DSH would also like to thank Dr. Schawe for his visit. “The school is delighted with the positive result. As Dr. Schawe was already at DSH during the last federal-state inspection, his impression is particularly meaningful and groundbreaking for us,” said Headmistress Siglinde Hailer.